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Will Banks and FinTech companies be competitors or partners?

By Darren Franks | 09 novembre 2017

In many ways the banking sector has been the last industry disrupted by technology advancements. Banks have been notoriously slow to evolve, and this has created opportunities for dynamic and nimble FinTehc start-ups around the world. Africa, with its unique challenges, offers FinTech companies plentiful opportunities to fill the gaps left by banks.

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7 Tips to lower your recruitment costs in 2017

By Darren Franks | 25 avril 2017

High recruitment costs are among the many challenges businesses face. We've complied 7 tips to help you optimize your recruitment spend. 

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Should I hire an internal recruiter ?

By Darren Franks | 06 avril 2017

For smaller organizations with limited HR resources, there comes a point when it needs to consider hiring an internal recruiter. This is typically when the business' hiring requirements become too demanding for the person/people involved. They can either engage a recruitment organization at this point, or in-source recruitment by hiring a dedicated internal recruiter. Whichever the case, it's...

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Is it time to digitize your selection process?

By Darren Franks | 13 janvier 2017

Digitization is here today and it's pervasive. Whether as consumers, employees, employers, or in whatever guise we are operating, it is already heavily impacting every aspect of our lives and in every sector - from enabling better customer service, through improving and streamlining processes, to generating new revenue streams and much more.

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How to hire Graduates & School Leavers

By Darren Franks | 11 janvier 2017

Almost all businesses want to get their hands on the best graduates and/or school leavers. Unless you have the capacity (and budget) to do the traditional Milk Rounds the chances are you rely on advertising, social media and word of mouth to generate candidates.

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The Promised Land (for Internal Talent Acquisition Teams)

By Darren Franks | 08 janvier 2017

Great news! You’ve placed a well-written advert on numerous channels and candidates are applying left, right and center. So much so that you’re starting to get overwhelmed by the response !

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Don’t judge a book by its cover

By Darren Franks | 05 janvier 2017

It’s an age old saying, apparently dating back to the mid-19th century. It’s as valuable a statement then, as it is now - and definitely one I believe should be applied to recruiting. How can one judge a person's true ability to perform a job simply by looking at a few pages of text?

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