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Are you prepared for Google Hire?

By Darren Franks | 02 juin 2017

Google's Cloud Jobs API is creating a great deal of buzz in the recruitment industry. It gives the industry plug-and-play access to Google’s search and machine learning capabilities. Company career sites, job boards, applicant tracking systems and staffing agencies can hopefully improve the experience of job seekers who visit their sites to find jobs.

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The end of the CV ?

By Darren Franks | 04 janvier 2017

When you think about it, is a CV or resume really the best tool for assessing a candidate? Sure, you can get a feeling for where they have worked, what they claim to have done and perhaps an idea on their ability to write, but each one of these things can be misleading and potentially fabricated.

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The end of the CV? - Part 2

By Darren Franks | 03 janvier 2017

After my last article relating to the sheer number of candidates who applied for one job (you can read that here), I was contacted privately by an experienced Executive who wanted to understand why companies overlooked his CV, even though he was selective on the positions he applied for.

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177 Job Applicants in 72 hours !

By Darren Franks | 02 janvier 2017

Don’t take my word for it – here’s a screenshot of the response to a single advert posted on one of the leading job boards on the 8th July - i paused it on the 10th July.

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