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How to prepare for a Video Interview

By Darren Franks | 04 février 2017

With Cisco predicting that by 2017, video will make up a whopping 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, Video Interviews will soon become part and parcel of the Recruitment Process globally. There are many companies who currently conduct video interviews (be that via Skype, Webex or any other tool) so it’s important that you are prepared and know what to expect.

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Is it time to digitize your selection process?

By Darren Franks | 13 janvier 2017

Digitization is here today and it's pervasive. Whether as consumers, employees, employers, or in whatever guise we are operating, it is already heavily impacting every aspect of our lives and in every sector - from enabling better customer service, through improving and streamlining processes, to generating new revenue streams and much more.

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6 Step Guide to Hiring Great Sales People

By Darren Franks | 12 janvier 2017

It's so easy to go CV blind - the sheer amount of candidates who apply for roles is mind blowing. I've spent 17 years in Recruitment - that's roughly 4,267 working days. On average I probably looked at 50 CV's a day - that's 213,350 CV's in my career.

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How to hire Graduates & School Leavers

By Darren Franks | 11 janvier 2017

Almost all businesses want to get their hands on the best graduates and/or school leavers. Unless you have the capacity (and budget) to do the traditional Milk Rounds the chances are you rely on advertising, social media and word of mouth to generate candidates.

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4 Steps to Overcoming Conflicts with Hiring Managers

By Darren Franks | 10 janvier 2017

Crucial for business success is a strong and trusted relationship between the hiring manager and HR / Talent Acquisition (Recruiter). Any conflict means the business is not getting what it needs - and yes, conflict happens and it needs to be quickly addressed.

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The 4 key benefits of Blind Recruiting

By Darren Franks | 09 janvier 2017

Many of us have been there - you apply for a job and within a few days you get a reply (if you're lucky!) saying that you're either under qualified, over qualified or just 'not quite right'. It must be infuriating, how on earth can someone tell you that you're not right for a job just from a 2 or 3 page CV. Well the hard reality is that on average each job posting gets between 100 - 250...

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The Promised Land (for Internal Talent Acquisition Teams)

By Darren Franks | 08 janvier 2017

Great news! You’ve placed a well-written advert on numerous channels and candidates are applying left, right and center. So much so that you’re starting to get overwhelmed by the response !

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The reason why Recruitment has to evolve

By Darren Franks | 07 janvier 2017

I came across a very interesting infographic posted on SocialTalent entitled ‘How Recruiters Read your CV’ and this simple graphic highlights exactly why recruitment HAS TO change. Everything around us evolves however some industries are slower than others to react.

The article states that on average, a recruiter spends between 6-10 seconds scanning a CV to decide on if the candidate is worthy...

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Is it too easy to apply for a Job?

By Darren Franks | 06 janvier 2017

LinkedIn is full of articles relating to the candidate experience. Of course it’s vital that any company promotes its brand in the best possible light and can attract the types of candidates it requires, but is it too easy to apply for a job and what impact does that actually have?

I’ve posted a few comments on Google’s 2,500,000 per year job applicants – I tested the application process myself...

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STOP missing out on great talent!

By Darren Franks | 06 janvier 2017

Everyone’s looking for that rough diamond, that one in a million who could improve your business ten-fold, that shining knight… you’re praying that when you conduct interviews that someone walks in with a halo and lights up the room – everything is perfect, skills, qualifications, cultural fit and you fall in love instantly (metaphorically speaking!).

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